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With 3 decades of experience with environmental compliancy issues and developing the best environmental software solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we are passionately dedicated to help you.


NEMS has existed in many forms. In the beginning back in 1986 our company was known as Novatech AS. In 2008 we became a part of the Add Energy Group and our name was Add Novatech AS. As of the 24th of September 2018, NEMS AS is part of the Carina Software portfolio, owned by Vela Software a part of Constellation Software Inc, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX). Even though our name has changed, the people have not. We see our clients’ needs are changing. We see the industry is changing. We see the world is changing. And our aim is to be one step ahead.

Since our inception, we have provided environmental advice to oil and gas operators, chemical suppliers, authorities, and trade associations. We have played a leading role in numerous joint industry projects focused on quantifying emissions and reporting national emissions and discharges. Our advice has helped stakeholders in the oil and gas industry adopt more accurate and consistent methods of measuring and reporting emissions.

Our extensive track record of achievements has been instrumental in our development of the industry's foremost environmental software solutions.

Our team comprises seasoned ESG professionals with engineering backgrounds and skilled software developers with expertise in ESG domains. In close collaboration with our clients, we have developed cutting-edge environmental software solutions that comply with some of the world's most rigorous environmental regulations. Our unwavering commitment to simplifying reporting, saving time, and mitigating risk for our clients has driven us to continuously enhance our software solutions. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients bid farewell to spreadsheets forever – which we call NEMS, or Never Ever More Spreadsheets.

To better understand who we are, we have tried to capture the essence of NEMS in our core value statements. 

😺Stay Curious - At the heart of our core values is the idea of staying curious – of never losing the inquisitive spirit that drives us to explore and learn every day, no matter how busy or hectic our work may be. We are always seeking to stay ahead of the curve, constantly seeking out the latest developments and investigating the details, so that we can discover what our clients need next and exceed their expectations. Our unwavering curiosity fuels our passion for innovation and inspires us to explore new possibilities, embrace new challenges, and continually grow and evolve.

💪Dare to Challenge - We are not content with the status quo. Instead, we dare to challenge it, both for ourselves and for our clients. We recognize that what was successful yesterday may not be sufficient tomorrow, and we constantly question the ways in which we deliver value to our clients and operate our business. By embracing this mindset of continual improvement and innovation, we can provide the most effective and cutting-edge solutions possible. We never shy away from tough questions, hard work, or new ideas, because we believe that pushing boundaries and challenging conventional thinking is essential to achieving our shared goals.

💚Do Care  - Our passion for challenging the status quo is driven by our deep sense of care and responsibility. We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients, colleagues, and the environment, and we believe that by pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, we can achieve these goals more effectively. Our care is reflected in our tireless pursuit of excellence, our unwavering focus on sustainability and social responsibility, and our dedication to creating positive change in the world.

And we always strive to be Compliant by Nature.


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