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    Complex spreadsheets were a risk that EnQuest could not accept, there had to be a better way

    As environmental lead at EnQuest, getting control and overview of the various environmental performance KPIs of our assets was a time consuming and cumbersome task. Responsibility for the gathering of asset data was divided across several team members, each one responsible for their own assets. We also had personnel both on- and offshore, who were providing input to our reporting. It was therefore a laborious task.

    At EnQuest we used a lot of spreadsheets, many of them complex and inherited over many years.

    Our process involved a high amount of copy/paste between sheets, with a high risk of human error. Audits became a really time-consuming task for both us and our auditors. This was a risk that we at EnQuest could not accept, there had to be a better way.

    We looked at various systems in the market and couldn`t find any system that matched the features and benefits that NEMS Accounter could provide out of the box. We were up and running with NEMS Accounter within a few weeks. Our team members were all trained by a team from NEMS and started getting data from the system from the very first day. The ability for NEMS to be connected and received daily downloads from metered PI data was a huge benefit of the system.

    With NEMS Accounter we had one single source of information that was always updated with the latest data automatically pulled from our production data management systems.

    All my team members both on- and offshore could update NEMS Accounter directly, and request my approval, rather than me having to chase them.

    In terms of managing our EU ETS and atmospherics process, we saw a significant increase in our efficiency using NEMS Accounter compared to our previous way of working using spreadsheets.

    NEMS Accounter allows us to be prepared for any audit, reducing the time needed to provide all our previous spreadsheets. With the analytics engine in NEMS Accounter, we are able to provide any ad-hoc reporting requests that come from corporate at the click of a button. 

    –          Garron Owen, Environmental Lead – EnQuest


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