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    To become on of the worlds leading Oil & Gas companies in the ESG rankings, Neptune Energy needed industry leading solutions to meet their stringent requirements

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    Neptune Energy has established itself as one of the top Oil & Gas companies for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) ratings. This is because ESG is an integrated part of how we run our business and it affects every part of our decision-making process.

    In Sustainalytics’ 2021 ESG rating we ranked in the top 3% of all exploration and production companies, with a global ranking of 5th overall. A significant enabler of this is  our ESG committee which has the task of continuously working to improve our overall performance within these three domains.

    One of the key decisions we made ahead of establishing the ESG committee was to establish control over our own ESG numbers and KPIs. We are an organisation with activities in multiple countries and have many stakeholders involved in our ESG reporting process. We foresaw the need for a collaborative solution and quickly identified our existing environmental reporting software provider in Norway, NEMS, as an ideal partner with which to collaborate.


    NEMS and Neptune worked together on the development of NEMS Panorama, our global environmental reporting suite.

    NEMS Panorama has helped us achieve better control and overview of our global environmental reporting process and continues to improve the way we interact with each other across the organisation.

    The integrated workflows and commenting solution enables us to provide key stakeholders with feedback, while keeping track of the overall progress ahead of associated deadlines.

    The analytics solution in NEMS Panorama enables us to do complex, ad-hoc reporting tasks – that would normally take days – in a matter of seconds.

    Add to this the fact that we have been able to pull KPIs directly into PowerBI for our global environmental dashboard and we are well positioned to act based on the information we have been monitoring as part of our daily operations. Thanks to regular upgrades, NEMS Panorama continues to provide us with greater value through new initiatives.


    Since starting with NEMS Panorama, we have also implemented NEMS Accounter in all our local subsidiaries, including the Touat gas plant facility which we co-operate with partners in Algeria. NEMS Accounter enables us to capture day-to-day environmental performance numbers used for both national and corporate reporting needs. The systems are directly integrated with our PDMS (Production Data Management System), and the integrity of data is ensured via NEMS IaaS (Integration as a Service) as well as the digital transfer of data from sensor to report.

    The numbers captured in NEMS Accounter are seamlessly transferred to NEMS Panorama for our corporate reporting needs, enabling us to capture the updated data throughout the year and when we need it, rather than waiting for the data to be aggregated and sent over close to deadline.

    Strategic Partnership

    NEMS has provided Neptune with multiple services including personnel, forecasting and studies related to environmental reporting such as greenhouse gas emissions. We worked together with NEMS in multiple projects, and we continue to grow our strategic relationship with new initiatives.

    We are pleased with the partnership with NEMS, a key contributing factor in our strategic approach towards becoming best-in-class in the ESG rankings.

    We look forward to continuing this partnership, helping Neptune Energy maintain our industry-leading position.

    Kick Sterkman

    Group HSEQ Director
    Neptune Energy







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