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    From Black Box to Insight – Environmental data under control

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    Prior to working with NEMS, TotalEnergies utilized a mix of software and spreadsheets to manage their environmental reporting process.

    This process was based on manual processing of complex data and was vulnerable to human error. Typically copy/paste activities in spreadsheets can lead to cumulative errors that can have serious consequences for our organization.

    “Environmental data is one of the key performance indicators for TotalEnergies.The importance of reporting data correctly is of the utmost importance for our team, ensuring quality and compliance.”

    Andy Bain - Environment Manager - TotalEnergies UK

    After having looked at what was in the marketplace, TotalEnergies UK(TEPUK) identified NEMS as their preferred Environmental Management partner. NEMS had already been working with TEPUK colleagues in TotalEnergies Norway over many years, and they saw that the solution was a good fit for them as well.

    Into the black box...

    Initially after implementing the solution, Total integrated with NEMS via a internally developed system, that loaded their data into a central source that pushed into NEMS systems. However, they experienced that their numbers were not to their expectations. There were differences between their existing spreadsheet-based process and the NEMS numbers. This lead to discussions and dialogue with the NEMS team to identify how the process could be further improved to gain control and transparency. The internally developed system loader didn´t provide the transparency needed for Total Energies or NEMS.

    Integration as a Service? A new way forward

    Through collaborative discussions and feedback, the NEMS environmental team and Total Energies environmental team looked at the current processes and identified the issues and concerns that were part of the current integration that was in place. 

    This resulted in NEMS providing Total Energies with a new approach for integration. The solution was developed as a Integration as a Service(IaaS) model. This placed NEMS with the responsibility of collaborating with the internal Production Data Management System(PDMS) team to map and identify all the data tags and sources. This ensures transparency, traceability, and a fully digital tracking of emission from emission point to end-report.

    To further ensure that the integration was performing as expected, NEMS developed an integration dashboard that provided a real-time status of the data transfers between Total Energies systems and NEMS. This provided a high level of peace of mind to both teams and provides instant feedback if there are any issues with the underlying data sources.

    “ Our NEMS solutions and IaaS has provided us with a high level of ownership and even better insight into our environmental data. We have reduced our workload related to manual processing and data by over 50%. Enabling our team to focus on analysis rather than constantly questioning the quality of our data and where the data is coming from.”

    Megan Kidd - Environment Lead - TotalEnergies UK

    Since our initial project with providing NEMS solutions in Norway and UK, Total Energies have now also implemented NEMS in Denmark and Angola. We look forward to our continued collaboration in developing solutions for a sustainable future together.

    To learn more about our NEMS solutions and see how we can help your organization, get in touch. 


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