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ESG Reporting

Collaborative ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting solution for Corporate Reporting needs. Tailor-made for Energy and Oil & Gas operators.

Our solution will help you:
  • Report consistently from all your assets offshore or onshore
  • Reduce your efforts with your GRI, IOGP, IPIECA, SASB and CDP reporting
  • Share data easily with partners and clients (simplifying yours and their scope 3 reporting)
  • Benchmark your assets in any dimension you like. The results are shown immediately as tables and figures in the graphical user interface
  • Automatic import from and export to other systems through our Integration as a Service offering.  There is no need for expensive consultancy help to do so
  • Analyse your sustainability data with ease. Aggregation of vast number of data is done in the blink of an eye. An easy to use graphical drill-down feature enables you to quickly locate the root causes and major sources of your emissions. Which country, emission source or even single equipment should you start with to reduce your footprint? Our solution will tell you

So what are you waiting for? Eager to learn more, please read more about our ESG reporting solution here.

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Environmental Management Software

Environmental Management Software based on over 30 years of domain knowledge. Tailor-made for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our environmental management software will:
  • Provide you with a complete overview of all your emissions and discharges
  • Provide you insight of your operations through instant analytics and KPI tracking
  • Import data from any source systems automatically
  • Automate your environmental reporting
  • Integrate with any solution 


All the needs for a typical Oil & Gas Operator is ready out of the box. No installation needed, only access to a modern web-browser.

Schedule a free demonstration to see how our environmental management software can get you out of spreadsheet hell.

GHG Management

Accurate and auditable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data are essential for your emission trading.

Our solution provides:
  • Detailed, traceable and auditable GHG emission accounting - full control over your GHG footprint 
  • Simplified EU ETS reporting or other GHG reporting needs
  • Emission calculation based on emission factors, gas analyses or stack analyses - any stream can have its own calculation method and change over time
  • All your emission sources. Including combustion in flare, engines, turbines, heaters, boilers, test burning and much more. Fugitive emissions, direct emissions, emissions from loading and storage and more are covered in detail
  • All Kyoto GHG gases
  • Drill-down functionality to find your main emission sources. Start your abatement projects where it matters. With NEMS it is easier to find out where to start


Our environmental management software has been through several ISO14001, EMAS and internal audits, all with great success.

Schedule a free demonstration to see how we can get you out of spreadsheet hell.

Waste Management

Flexible and Consistent Waste Management solution, Tailor-made for Oil & Gas Operators

Our Solution is:
  • Flexible. Designed to function in any legislative region. Multiple waste catalogues available out-of-the-box, new waste regimes can be added in minutes
  • Efficient. Collaborate closely with your waste handler directly in the solution to ensure single source of truth and efficient reporting process
  • Automated. Populate your data directly from existing source system or through drag & drop of spreadsheets
  • Comprehensive. Non-hazardous waste, hazardous waste, NORM, non-conformances, European Waste List, EEMS, rate of recovery, waste segregation and more are included
  • Consistent. A global operator with operations in different legislative regimes can easily map local waste catalogues with corporate standards to ensure consistent corporate reporting


Every data entry is logged which ensures data traceability and supports audit activities. Our waste management solution is continually updated to keep up with new legislation and regulatory demands.

Schedule a free demonstration to see how we can get you out of spreadsheet hell.

Chemical Management

NEMS is the domain expert on HOCNF and the OSPAR requirements. Our chemical management solution is designed to handle eco-tox data in the form of Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF).

Our solution ensures:
  • Full traceability of all chemical use and discharges
  • Categorisation of all your chemicals according to environmental hazard (Including Norwegian and Danish colour coding)
  • Simplified CEFAS registration
  • Simplified Chemical Permit application process - work on your permit together with your suppliers
  • HOCNF compliancy with full overview of your chemicals physical properties, hazard labelling and eco-toxicological properties (e.g. aquatic toxicity and the potential for bioaccumulation and bio-degradation)
  • Adherence to legislation in the OSPAR region


As an oil and gas operator using our solution you will reduce your workload related to preparing discharge applications and reports. For chemical suppliers the solution simplifies and reduces work related to HOCNF documentation.

If you have operations in the North Sea basin, or if you care about what you put into the ocean anywhere in the world, you should seriously consider contacting us for a demo.





NEMS Accounter®

Environmental Management Solution

The answer to complete environmental accounting


NEMS Panorama®

Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Effortless transformation of data to insight


NEMS Chemicals®

Chemical Management Solution
Complete overview of your HOCNF data

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