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Lead the ESG Revolution with
NEMS Panorama - 
Unleashing Potential Across Industries

Dear ESG/Net Zero Lead,

Embark on a transformative journey in ESG reporting and net-zero initiatives with NEMS Panorama, a powerful solution designed for leaders who seek excellence and impact. Tailor-made for various industries, including a unique advantage for oil & gas companies, NEMS Panorama is not just a reporting tool—it's your strategic partner for sustainable leadership.

Effortless ESG Reporting Across IndustriesESG Lead

NEMS Panorama simplifies ESG reporting across diverse industries, providing a seamless and intuitive experience. From CSRD/ESRS to GRI, OGMP, CDP, IOGP, IPIECA, and SASB, it effortlessly handles multiple reporting frameworks. This versatility ensures that you, as an ESG/Net Zero lead, can focus on strategic decision-making rather than wrestling with complex reporting requirements.

Oil & Gas Advantage - Source Data from NEMS Accounter

For oil & gas companies, NEMS Panorama offers a unique advantage by seamlessly integrating with NEMS Accounter. This integration allows for the automatic gathering of source data, providing a comprehensive overview of environmental accounting. By streamlining data flow from NEMS Accounter, you can ensure accuracy in reporting, meet compliance standards, and drive sustainability initiatives with a holistic approach.

Transparent Reporting and Collaboration

The heart of NEMS Panorama lies in its reporting dashboard, offering an instant overview of reports across divisions. The solution encourages transparent reporting and collaboration both internally and externally. Engage effortlessly with stakeholders, share information seamlessly, and maintain the integrity of your ESG reports.

Powerful Analytics Toolbox

Big data is no longer a challenge with NEMS Panorama's powerful analytical toolbox. Dive deep into sustainability data, analyze trends, and benchmark your assets with ease. The graphical drill-down feature allows you to identify root causes and major emission sources, facilitating informed decision-making.

Compliance by Design

NEMS Panorama is inherently compliant, aligning with ISO 14001/14031 standards. With local data entry and central reporting, traceability and consistency are assured. The solution provides an instant overview of reporting status, enabling you to drill down into underlying data, uncover outliers, and address discrepancies promptly.

Seamless Integration and Automation

Integration is seamless with NEMS Panorama, allowing for the automatic export of data to other systems. Whether it's your favorite Excel spreadsheet or a third-party platform, NEMS Panorama streamlines data flow without the need for expensive consultancy help. The solution even generates a PDF version of your ESG report on the fly.

Your Leadership, Elevated

NEMS Panorama is more than a reporting tool; it's a strategic asset for ESG/Net Zero leads. It empowers you to lead with insights, collaborate transparently, and drive sustainability initiatives across industries.

Ready to Lead the ESG Revolution?

This is your opportunity to take the lead in ESG reporting and net-zero initiatives. Schedule a live demonstration with NEMS today and witness firsthand how NEMS Panorama can elevate your role as an ESG/Net Zero lead.

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